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Whether it's the establishment of a new brand, the beginning of your marriage, or a world changing social revolution, Lazy Kitten Productions wants to help you record and share your story. 

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Our Passion
  1. Film and Video
    It's how we best tell stories. Lazy Kitten uses all the modern tools at our disposal to produce high quality productions with an eye to the changing trends in the visual arts.
  2. Photography
    Sometimes a single image lasts longer than a whole reel. We try to make each frame count.
  3. Community
    The "why" in what we do. Lazy Kitten is passionate about projects that make an impact in our world.
  4. Storytelling
    We believe that life is enriched when we take time to listen to each other's stories. Perspectives change, we grow as individuals, and things get a lot more interesting.
  5. Collaboration
    Our approach to work is based on the idea that everyone has valid input into the creative process. We want our clients to feel like we're an extension of their own creative vision.
  6. Technology
    We live in an ever changing world. Lazy Kitten Productions strives to use our ever-evolving toolchest to its fullest extent. Plus we like shiny toys!
Our Projects
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